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Dear Stanislas and Sue, and others,

Sure Stanislas, nothing wrong with you, but there are several problems 
with the Synopsis 32 and other reference works as well. I've been 
struggling with Nothria species in the North Atlantic for some time and 
they are regrettably rather confused. The good message is that there are 
presumably not so many species around in the area, the bad message is that 
the use of names is rather mixed-up and several of the important taxonomic 
characters are incorrectly described in standard identification 
literature. You may have some help from Kristian Fauchald's revision, but 
he also made some mistakes with respect to the characters of taxonomic 
importance and his key to Nothria does not work well. Further, Nothria was 
redefined by Hannelore Paxton in her revision of Onuphids in 1986 (Records 
Australian Museum 38) and now also includes a couple of species referred 
to other genera by Fauchald (1982).

The description of N. conchylega in the Synopsis is incorrect with regard 
to the bristles on the most anterior chaetigers. N. conchylega has 
chaetiger 1 with very stout unidentate or slightly bidentate hooks, and 
chaetiger 2 and 3 with unidentate or bidentate hooks, capillary chaetae 
and pectinate chaetae. A similar distribution of chaetae is found in 
Nothria britannica, which is considered as a valid species by Fauchald, 
but the relationship between these two is unclear. Hannelore gives some 
good figures of N. conchylega in her revision.

The important character to observe is the chaetae on chaetiger 2 because 
there is at least one, possibly more, species in European waters with only 
hooks on both chaetiger 1 and 2 (no capillaries and no pectinate chaetae). 
In these species the hooks are bidentate. To my knowledge there are three 
described species with this characteristic in the North Atlantic: Nothria 
hyperborea (Hansen, 1878) from the Norwegian shelf, Nothria africana 
(Augener, 1918) from north African waters, and Nothria atlantica (Hartman, 
1965) from the Mid-Atlantic ridge. The relationships between these species 
are unclear. Fauchald (1982) redescribed N. hyperborea, but  based the 
species diagnosis on characters which later has been shown to be variable 
and without taxonomic value (Jirkov & Yermolaev 1989; in Russian). Jirkov 
in his Russian book (2002) uses the name N. africana for the species in 
shelf waters. In the same book, however, N. hyperborea is used for what we 
name as N. conchylega (puh !) 

Well, enough about the problems. I am presently working on a guide to 
onuphids in the North East Atlantic which I hope to complete this autumn. 
Regarding Nothria I hope to clear things up a bit, but I am afraid that we 
at some stage need to start from the beginning and redescribe the species 
from type material and topotypes to get things clear. I could send you a 
provisional version of the guide.

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Hello Stanislas

Nothing wrong with you - Yes, the Synopsis has a very limited number of 
species to choose from.  Try to get a copy of 'Revision of Onuphis, 
and Paradiopatra (Polychaeta: Onuphidae) Based on Type Material'  by 
Kristian Fauchald, Smithsonian Contributions to Zoology No. 356, 
Institution Press 1982. 1-109. for a much wider selection.  Maybe someone 
has a pdf they could provide - I only have a photocopy.

Cheers, Sue

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> Hi polychaete lovers,
> I'm currently fighting with a few individuals from the same species very 

> likely from the genus Nothria (Malmgren, 1866) but base on the keys I'm 
> using (i.e. Synopsis of the British Fauna n°32, Eunicida), I can't come 
> with something satisfacory.  Everything match with Nothria conchylega 
> (Sars, 1835) except the stout hooked chaeta from chaetiger 1 & 2 that 
> missing and the occurrence of clearly bidendate hooked chaeta instead. 
> Speciment have been collected in South Brittany, France and I do have 
> "true" specimen of Nothria conchylega (Sars, 1835) from that region with 

> the stout hooked chaeta from chaetiger 1 & 2.
> So, what is wrong with me?  Does anyone have a better key with a better 
> description of this genus to provide?  Have anyone face this problem 
> Thanks for your help,
> Stan.
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