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Dear Geoff 
Thank you very much for keeping us all in touch with the wider world of
taxonomy and polychaetes. It makes me feel less isolated and I learn
something every time which is interesting. 

Susan Chambers 
Principal Curator of Invertebrate Biology
National Museums of Scotland
Edinburgh EH1 1JF
44 (0) 131 247 4247
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Hi all,

Time for a change. Open access in Annelida list is here. 

I think I've successfully changed the list settings to be unmoderated.
So it's instant access & instant response from now on. 

Open access will benefit most the Europeans and Eastern Americans who
are working when it's been night time zzzzzzzzzzzz for the moderator
troll. There won't be a puzzling posting delay for you anymore. 

There will be a little bit of spam  getting through now (eg., bogus
journals and conferences sometimes send us soliciting email), but it
should be obvious what it is. Also the pre-filtering at net.bio.net has
been fairly good, and I can add further filtering and take other actions
if needed.


Geoff Read (ex moderator, still list-owner)

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