[Annelida] Gateway troll off duty

Maria Cristina Gambi via annelida%40net.bio.net (by gambimc from szn.it)
Sun Oct 10 02:26:05 EST 2010

Dear Geoff, I joint the words of Dani Martin....
and I also thank you for your efforts to became and feel as a friendly 
all the very best,
Maria Cristina

At 09.00 08/10/2010, Daniel Martin Sintes wrote:
>Dear Geoff,
>We will certainly miss your intros to some of our messages, often more 
>precise than the messages themselves. The troll has been very active, 
>mostly when we are comfortably sleeping (I know). While camouflaged among 
>"normal" users, we hope to still enjoy your "open" contributions from now on.
>Thanks a lot for your continuous efforts in keeping us in contact.
>Al 08/10/10 4:01, En/na Geoff Read ha escrit:
>>Hi all,
>>Time for a change. Open access in Annelida list is here.
>>I think I've successfully changed the list settings to be 
>>unmoderated.  So it's instant access&  instant response from now on.
>>Open access will benefit most the Europeans and Eastern Americans who are 
>>working when it's been night time zzzzzzzzzzzz for the moderator troll. 
>>There won't be a puzzling posting delay for you anymore.
>>There will be a little bit of spam  getting through now (eg., bogus 
>>journals and conferences sometimes send us soliciting email), but it 
>>should be obvious what it is. Also the pre-filtering at net.bio.net has 
>>been fairly good, and I can add further filtering and take other actions 
>>if needed.
>>Geoff Read (ex moderator, still list-owner)
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>>Research Ltd.
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