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I agree with the first several voters:  Geoff has done just a marvelous job on this, and managed to present the literature with a sharp sauce on occasion (which it certainly needs).  I am going to miss the comments and hope that he will take the time, when the opportunity rises, to share his opinion of on this or that, especially the various foibles we tend to demonstrate in print!


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Dear Geoff:

I also think Dani said it perfectly, we or at least many of us, and certainly I will miss you as the moderator, always trying to bring us  interesting news or opinions, besides channeling our postings and I thank you for the time spent with all that effort... if we are closer today, as Christina said, than when you began with the first version of Annelida, so many, many years ago, when you also used to cite the new papers on polychaetes that we put out (I miss that one) it's thanks to you.
Anyway, it´a new phase and we will still meet here

At 09.00 08/10/2010, Daniel Martin Sintes wrote:
>Dear Geoff,
>We will certainly miss your intros to some of our messages, often more
>precise than the messages themselves. The troll has been very active,
>mostly when we are comfortably sleeping (I know). While camouflaged among
>"normal" users, we hope to still enjoy your "open" contributions from now on.
>Thanks a lot for your continuous efforts in keeping us in contact.
>Al 08/10/10 4:01, En/na Geoff Read ha escrit:
>>Hi all,
>>Time for a change. Open access in Annelida list is here.
>>I think I've successfully changed the list settings to be
>>unmoderated.  So it's instant access&  instant response from now on.
>>Open access will benefit most the Europeans and Eastern Americans who are
>>working when it's been night time zzzzzzzzzzzz for the moderator troll.
>>There won't be a puzzling posting delay for you anymore.
>>There will be a little bit of spam  getting through now (eg., bogus
>>journals and conferences sometimes send us soliciting email), but it
>>should be obvious what it is. Also the pre-filtering at net.bio.net has
>>been fairly good, and I can add further filtering and take other actions
>>if needed.
>>Geoff Read (ex moderator, still list-owner)
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