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Indeed Zach's description is very brief and short, so I can easily translate it in English. Computer translation may be wrongly. Unfortunaterly I have no this book in the lab, so, if you have the copy, please pass me page with description. Or wait the end of November, when I'll visit library. As wrote Geoff,  Uschakov,1955 translated in English, so search Uschakov P.V. 1965. Polychaeta of the Far Eastern Seas of the USSR. But this description also very short. 

Alexander V. Rzhavsky

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> Hi friends polychaetologists 
> I am identifying some species from Continental Shelf, Oceanic Slopes and
> Canyons from Bacia de Campos, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I have found some
> specimens of Chirimia punctata Zarchs, 1933, published as Asychis punctata. I
> want to know if this species was described by others authors with English
> language, if somebody known. Because, I need to make comparisons between two
> species to have sure if the species are same, but I do not read Russian
> language.  
> Somebody could me some suggestions to resolve this problem. I am thankful. 
> Best wishes???????????-- 
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