[Annelida] distinguishing between meroplanktoninc and holoplanktonic polychaete larvae

Nechama Ben-Eliahu via annelida%40net.bio.net (by nbenelia from yahoo.com)
Sat Sep 11 03:18:22 EST 2010

  Dear Folks,

> One of my colleagues who is studying plankton in the Gulf of Aqaba asked 
> whether there is an easy way to distinguish between holoplanktonic and 
> meroplanktonic larvae.  This is not a question I ever tried to deal with, and if anyone out there   
   has dealt with this question,  I would be very grateful for any suggestions they care 
> to make or suggestions for literature on this subject.

> all the best,
> Nechama Ben-Eliahu (Curator emerita)
The National Collections of Natural History
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
91904 Jerusalem, Israel
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