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Dear all,

could anybody clearify what is "Fabricius, 1822" cited by Morch, 1863 on the page 431 as

Serpula verruca Vorteroret Fab. Mss. 2. p. 186. n. 206.
 --------- " -------     Cat. 1822. n. 1094.

And by Bush, 1905 on the pages 247 and 264  without any references?

Does it any unpublyshed manuscript or catalogue?  Does it valid for year  of new spicies description itself -  Spirorbis veruca (Fabricius 1822)  or it should be should be indicated as Spirorbis verruca (Fabricius in Morch, 1863).  It is absent from Fauchald's "Paryrus"

Sincerely yours
Alexander V. Rzhavsky
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