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Sorry for the triplicate message. I’m rare sending anything to the mail-list and usually message comes back immediately. Well,  I will try to be patient and to wait :0)
 As to my question.  Thank you very much, especially for Geoff for have helped me will make sure that there are really no papers of Fabricius (1822 ). As to year of description Bushiella (B.) verruca (Fabricius, 1780) it is really wrong. This species name absent from Fabricius’s Greenland paper and firstly appears in Morch, 1863. Now I’m trying to find who widespread this wrong information. The year 1780 was indicated in that number in Knight-Joneses publication and I was absolutely sure that it is true and find mistake occasionally preparing new manuscript and searching information on pages for synonymy.
  Finally, I suppose that correct will Bushiella (Bushiella) verruca (Fabricius in Moerch, 1863) because  Moerch clearly indicated that author of species name is Fabricius, not Bushiella (Bushiella) verruca (Fabricius, 1863) as offers Geoff.
 Many thanks again,
 Alexander V. Rzhavsky
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