[Annelida] Collection localities by Schmarda (1861)

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An arachnid systematist, Stuart Longhorn, is looking for polychaete 
localities from L.K. Schmarda's (1861) travels in Honduras (or 
Nicaragua), Ecuador, and Peru, that he published in his "Neue wirbellose 
Thiere beobachtet und gesammelt auf einer Reise um die Erde 1853 bis 
1857. Vol. I. Turbellarien, Rotatorien und Anneliden. 
Pt. 2: 1-164.

Stuart is trying to determine localities where Schmarda collected marine 
specimens, in an effort to find type localities for some tarantula 
species he also described. If you might be familiar with locations in 
Honduras (or Nicaragua), Ecuador, and/or Peru from which Schmarda 
collected/described polychaetes, you can contact Stuart at stul from pdx.edu. 
He would be very grateful for any input.


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