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Actually volume 3 of Schmarda's  travels (I came upon only vol 3) is digitised on google books, so you all can see what I mean about readability. 
Hopefully not so much a problem for German nationals.
The ornate capitals look stylish, but probably will not ocr very well automatically.

One can download the pdf freely, but the version one gets isn't ocr'd.

I'd be interested to hear if any useful information is found. 


>>> On 7/02/2011 at 11:45 a.m., "Geoff Read" < from> wrote:
> Kirk,
> Not to forget there is also Schmarda's general account of his travels - a 3 
> volume opus of over one thousand pages, unfortunately printed in an ornate 
> typeface that is hard to read, let alone OCR successfully.  In the first vol 
> I think there is a table of localities.
> Schmarda, L. K. (1861). Ludwig K. Schmarda's Reise um die Erde in den Jahren 
> 1853-1857. Braunschweig, G. Westermann.
>     Vol 1. Ceylon. Vol 2. Indian Ocean, Australia, New Zealand, South sea, 
> Chile, Valparaiso, Panama. Vol 3. Jamaica, Kingston, Ecuador, New Granada, 
> Nicaragua, USa & Canada, Cuba
> Geoff
>>>> "J. Kirk Fitzhugh"  02/07/11 11:26 AM >>>
> All,
> An arachnid systematist, Stuart Longhorn, is looking for polychaete 
> localities from L.K. Schmarda's (1861) travels in Honduras (or 
> Nicaragua), Ecuador, and Peru, that he published in his "Neue wirbellose 
> Thiere beobachtet und gesammelt auf einer Reise um die Erde 1853 bis 
> 1857. Vol. I. Turbellarien, Rotatorien und Anneliden. 
> Pt. 2: 1-164.
> Stuart is trying to determine localities where Schmarda collected marine 
> specimens, in an effort to find type localities for some tarantula 
> species he also described. If you might be familiar with locations in 
> Honduras (or Nicaragua), Ecuador, and/or Peru from which Schmarda 
> collected/described polychaetes, you can contact Stuart at stul from 
> He would be very grateful for any input.

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