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Dear colleagues, please find here below the information on a PhD 
position at the CEAB. The call has just started. Apologies for 
cross-mailing (and for the previous empty message). Dani.

PhD position in the framework of the Spanish Scientific program 


In the framework of the multidisciplinary Spanish project:
"Deep-water submarine canyons and slopes in the Mediterranean and 
Cantabrian seas: from synchrony of external forcings to living resources 
(DOS MARES-BIOMED)" of the National Spanish RTD (CTM2010-21810-C03-03)

Open from February 7 to 21
Registrations at: https://sede.micinn.gob.es

Candidate profile:
-    Graduate in Biology, Marine or Environmental Sciences
-    Master in related matters (such as Marine, Biodiversity, Ecology, etc.)
-    Completion of 1st-class or good second-class honours or a Master of 
Science (MSc).
-    Interest in both quantitative and qualitative research design, 
methodology and analysis
-    Interest in undertaking field-based research on benthic fauna, 
including taxonomy and ecology
-    Excellent interpersonal, oral and written English communication skills
-    Willingness to work as part of a large interdisciplinary team
-    Send CV (together with academic background) by email to: Dr. Joan 
B. Company (batista from icm.csic.es) and  Dr. Daniel Martin (dani from ceab.csic.es)

Project summary:
The Coordinated Project, DOS MARES (meaning "Two Seas"), involves four 
prestigious research groups, which are the CRG on Marine Geosciences 
from the University of Barcelona, the Group on Ecology of Aquatic 
Systems from the University of Oviedo, CRG on Renewable Marine Resources 
from the Marine Science Institute of CSIC in Barcelona and the CRG on 
Benthic Ecology and Biodiversity of the Center for Advanced Studies of 
Blanes. The expertise of  these groups includes the study of matter and 
energy transfers in the ocean and seafloor physical processes, pelagic 
biology and oceanography, living resources, and benthic biology and 
ecology. Each of these core groups brings in a number of reputed 
associated researchers belonging both to Spanish and foreign 
institutions, which increases the capabilities, visibility and added 
value of the project.

The project has a two fold general objective. First, we aim at 
understanding the effects of the atmospheric teleconnections between the 
Cantabrian and NW Mediterranean Seas, and their impacts on the deep 
ecosystem, both pelagic and benthonic. Second, we want to know in which 
way the transfer of the signal from the external forcings towards the 
deep ecosystem controls the community structure and the population 
dynamics, thus affecting the most valuable living resources.

In particular, the objective of the Doctoral thesis will be: taxonomic 
and ecological analysis of the bottom meiofaunal community in relation 
with the environmental forcings driving the functioning of the system, 
with particular emphasis in the nematodes. The PhD will focus in the 
Blanes canyon, from 400 to 2200 m deep, trying to relate the biological 
processes with the environmental gradients along the continental margin. 
The candidate will participate in the oceanographic, treatment of 
biological-environmental data and taxonomic studies of the main 
maiofaunal groups (particularly nematodes). The PhD will be co-directed 
by Daniel Martin  (CEAB-CSIC, Spain) and Ann Vanreusel (Ghent 
University, Belgium) and the main works will be carried out in the CEAB, 
with frequent visits to the Marine Biology Research laboratory in Ghent.

Barcelona, February 3rd, 2011

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