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Dear colleagues,

I am a PhD student from the University of Gothenburg, working on a group of Enchytraeidae, Clitellata. I am looking for an old dissertation that should contain a preliminary description of the species Michaelsena achaeta. Does any one have a copy that you could scan to a pdf and send to me? I would not need the whole book, only the few pages containing information about Michaelsena achaeta.

Hagen, G. (1951). Vergleichende ökologische und systematische Untersuchungen der eulitoralen Oligochaetenfauna in Süsswasser-, Brackwasser- und Meerwassergebieten 
Schleswig-Holsteins. Dissertation Universität Kiel: 132pp

Thank you for your time,
Lisa Matamoros
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