[Annelida] Potamilla torelli?

g van moorsel via annelida%40net.bio.net (by vanmoorsel from ecosub.nl)
Mon Jan 10 05:22:42 EST 2011

Dear all

I received a small sabellid worm with all characteristics of Potamilla
torelli: thorax 8 chaetigers, uncini with companion chaetae, spoon-like
chaetae with short point; 2x8 radioli banded lacking eyes. The distal end of
each radiolius ends in a long appendix, unlike Hartmann-Schröder 1996, but
according to Fauvel 1927 as sometimes in juveniles.

This polychaet was found in a brackish canal in the Netherlands. Does
someone know whether P. torelli or a very similar species does occur in
temperate brackish waters? Of course it might be an alien species, they are
very common in such waters.

Kind regards
Godfried van Moorsel / ecosub

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