[Annelida] Potamilla torelli?

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Hi Godfried,

            The species Potamilla torelli is not listed in Glasby, C.J.,
Timm, T., Muir, A.I. & Gil, J., 2009. Catalogue of non-marine Polychaeta
(Annelida) of the world. Zootaxa 2070: 1-52.


The species Potamilla leptochaeta (from India and Vietnam) is listed,
but does not fit your description (6 thoracic chaetigers, 4 branchiae on
right and 5 on left). Unfortunately, I do not know of a complete
revision/key for the genus.


Best wishes,

             Alex Muir.


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Dear all


Does someone know whether P. torelli or a very similar species does
occur in temperate brackish waters? Of course it might be an alien
species, they are very common in such waters.


Kind regards

Godfried van Moorsel / ecosub

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