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[Annelida] French Guiana

Chris Glasby via annelida%40net.bio.net (by chris.glasby from nt.gov.au)
Mon Jul 11 19:53:22 EST 2011

Hi Jérôme,

>Moreover, it seems that there is a trouble about Namanereis and >Namalycastis  between the key proposed by Fauchald (1977) and that proposed >by Glasby (1999) (presence/absence of notosetae and the size of antennae). >Which is the right one ?

Personally I would follow the more up-to-date revisionary work over the older general work (even if the latter is a classic); whether it's right or not is another question  ;-)

Seriously, the majority or namaneridids can be placed easily into either Namalycastis or Namanereis. The former are often larger bodied have 4 pairs of tentacular cirri, flattened leaf like dorsal cirri in middle and posterior parapodia and a few notochaetae. Namanereis usually have 3 pairs of tentacular cirri and dorsal cirri that are short - similar length to parapodial lobe - and the same shape (sub-conical) throughout, and usually lack notochaetae. 

There are a few tricky species in your region that are currently placed into Namanereis (N. minuta and N. stocki), which have 'Namalycastis tendencies', e.g. 4 pairs of tentacular cirri, but in other respects (shape of dorsal cirri, jaws, pygidium and type of chaetae) they are typical of Namanereis. If you have one of those you may have to use both the Namalycastis and Namanereis keys in my revision to get an id.

Good luck - let me know if you have any problems. 


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Dear all,

I'm working on samples coming from French Guiana mud-flats and I have 
big difficulties to find bibliographic references that deals with 
taxonomy of the invertebrates of this area. Is there anybody who could 
recommand me some references about polychaetes or, if possible, who 
could send me some pdf papers ? I have essentially to do with the 
Nereididae, Pilargiidae, and Capitellidae. I also found a Lumbrineridae 
Abyssoninoe-like (with this particular sequence of modified setae on the 
anterior end).
Moreover, it seems that there is a trouble about Namanereis and 
Namalycastis between the key proposed by Fauchald (1977) and that 
proposed by Glasby (1999) (presence/absence of notosetae and the size of 
antennae). Which is the right one ?

Thank you for your help and many greatings from From France


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