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Hi all,

There are various editions of Georges Cuvier's Le Règne Animal,
including several knock-off versions published by others, which probably
do not have the same plates (caveat emptor). The one I am interested in
is the third and final official Paris edition, published in many
livraisons between 1836-1849, known informally as 'Le règne animal
illustré', or as the Disciples' edition (nickname derived from the
extended title). It post-dates the death of Cuvier and has the most
plates (in 'atlases' accompanying the vols). Has anyone found the Milne
Edwards annelids volume of it online?  I can find only the crustacean
and insect volumes at BHL.  Alternatively does anyone have access to the
physical object?  What I'm mainly after is a look at plate 22 and its
captions page.

Smithsonian & NCSU Libraries volumes for insects & crustacea only

I'm somewhat surprised Gallica digital library doesn't seem to have
this ed or any of the Cuvier Le Règne editions online, given Cuvier is
such a famous son French biologist  - let me know if you've found it

Milne Edwards, H. (1837 [1837-1848]). Les Annélides. In: Cuvier, G.
(ed.). Le règne animal distribué d'après son organisation, pour servir
de base à l'histoire naturelle des animaux et d'introduction à
l'anatomie comparée, par Georges Cuvier. Édition accompagnée de planches
gravées, représentant les types de tous les genres, les caractères
dístinctifs des divers groupes et les modifications de structure sur
lesquelles repose cette classification; par une réunion de disciples de
Cuvier, MM. Audouin, Blanchard, Deshayes, Alcide d'Orbigny, Doyère,
Dugès, Duvernoy, Laurillard, Milne Edwards, Roulin et Valenciennes.
[aka 'Le règne illustré' or 'Disciples' edition'], pp. 1-54, Plates
numbered 1-24 (actually totalling 30). Fortin, Masson et Cie, Paris.
[Annélides may or may not be volume 9 of the set when bound]

I think it's important we have access to this edition of the work since
it has new worm species, and I've put in a request for it to be scanned
by BHL, but unless the volume is available at one of their participating
libraries it won't happen. Regardless, let me know if an institute near
you has it.  Searching on Cuvier plus "accompagnée de planches gravées"
(with/without accents) should pin down this edition.

By the way the set of volumes of this edition would cost you at least
USD 30,000, should one come up for sale.  Although it probably was a
fairly expensive purchase originally at over 1300 francs the set in



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