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Dear Paul,
In the papers below, the significance of bioluminescence is discussed but with particular reference to oligochaetes, not polychaetes. They may be of interest to you.
Barrie Jamieson
Wampler, J.E. 1979b. Bioluminescent Australian earthworms. II. Taxonomy and preliminary report of bioluminescence in the genera Spenceriella, Fletcherodrilus and Pontodrilus (Megascolecidae: Oligochaeta). Australian Journal of Zoology 27, 637-669. 
Wampler, J.E. and Jamieson, B.G.M. 1980a. Earthworm bioluminescence: comparative physiology and biochemistry. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology 66B, 43-50.  
Jamieson, B.G.M., Wampler, J.E. and Schultz, M.C. 1981c. Preliminary ultrastructural description of coelomocytes of the luminescent oligochaete, Pontodrilusbermudensis (Annelida). In Bioluminescence and Chemiluminescence : Basic Chemistry and Analytical Applications. DeLuca, M.A. and McElroy, W.D. eds. pp. 543-559. Academic Press, New York.

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This is a quick thank you to all those people that took the time to reply to my enquiry about luminescent worm. I was suprised at the number of e-mails I received and I apologise for not replying to everyone individually. As an amateur marine biologist without access to a university library, it is very useful to be able to draw on the expertise of others via online resources such as this List.

By general consensus, the glowing worms are cirratulids (and not syllids, as I stated; as you may have guessed I am not a annelid taxonomist) and are possibly in the genus Caulleriella, species of which are apparently known to bioluminesce. One of these species, C. bioculata, has been reported from the area where I saw the glowing worms, so this is perhaps a possibility.

Thank you again.


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