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If we are going to widen the discussion, we could go back in history to 1665 at the start of the Royal Society, UK,
when a certain Monsieur Auzout is reported to have made some observations on light-emitting worms.

Anon (1665) "Observations about Shining Worms in Oysters". Philosophical Transactions, 1, 203-206.

The accuracy of these interesting observations (made by candlelight), and their relevance to polychaete research
can be assessed in the knowledge that  the great Robert Boyle at the same time in the journal gave 
"An Account of a Very Odd Monstrous Calf".  One wonders if M. Auzout  had made use of  the instrument 
 described in  "An Account of Micrographia,or the Physiological Descriptions  of Minute Bodies, Made by Magnifying Glasses" .
Possibly so if this was Adrien Auzout, French Astronomer. I wonder if the experience put him off eating oysters.

There are some great paper titles to inspire you at:



>>> On 19/05/2011 at 11:44 a.m., Barrie Jamieson <bgmjamieson from uq.edu.au> wrote:
> Dear Paul,
> In the papers below, the significance of bioluminescence is discussed but 
> with particular reference to oligochaetes, not polychaetes. They may be of 
> interest to you.

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