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Hello to everybody,

if you are interested in a retrospect of bioluminescence in oligochaetes
from the first reports in 1600-1700 to most recent studies, I 
published a comprehensive review two years ago. The article also 
discusses the morphology, evolution and behavioural aspects in the 
various oligochaete taxa:

Rota E. 2009. Lights on the ground: a historical survey of light 
production in the Oligochaeta. In: V.B. Meyer-Rochow (ed.), 
Bioluminescence in focus. Research Signpost. Trivandrum, Kerala, 
India. (ISBN: 9788130803579), pp. 105-138.

Let me know if you need a pdf.

Best wishes

At 04.08 19/05/2011, you wrote:
>If we are going to widen the discussion, we could go back in history 
>to 1665 at the start of the Royal Society, UK,
>when a certain Monsieur Auzout is reported to have made some 
>observations on light-emitting worms.
>Anon (1665) "Observations about Shining Worms in Oysters". 
>Philosophical Transactions, 1, 203-206.
>The accuracy of these interesting observations (made by 
>candlelight), and their relevance to polychaete research
>can be assessed in the knowledge that  the great Robert Boyle at the 
>same time in the journal gave
>"An Account of a Very Odd Monstrous Calf".  One wonders if M. 
>Auzout  had made use of  the instrument
>  described in  "An Account of Micrographia,or the Physiological 
> Descriptions  of Minute Bodies, Made by Magnifying Glasses" .
>Possibly so if this was Adrien Auzout, French Astronomer. I wonder 
>if the experience put him off eating oysters.
>There are some great paper titles to inspire you at:
> >>> On 19/05/2011 at 11:44 a.m., Barrie Jamieson 
> <bgmjamieson from uq.edu.au> wrote:
> > Dear Paul,
> > In the papers below, the significance of bioluminescence is discussed but
> > with particular reference to oligochaetes, not polychaetes. They may be of
> > interest to you.
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