[Annelida] Terebellides stroemi in the Adriatic?

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Hi Barbara,


You should also take a look at the following papers:


WILLIAMS, S.J. 1984. The status of Terebellides stroemi (Polychaeta; Trichobranchidae) as a cosmopolitan species, based on a worldwide morphological survey, including description of new species. In: P.A. HUTCHINGS (Ed.). Proceedings of the First International Polychaete Conference, Sydney, The Linnean Society of New South Wales, Sydney, pp. 118-142.


GARRAFFONI, A.R.S. & P.C. LANA. 2003. Species of Terebellides (Polychaeta, Terebellidae, Trichobranchidae) from the Brazilian coast. Iheringia, Série Zoologia, Porto Alegre, 93 (4): 355-363. 

(free online at: http://www.scielo.br/scielo.php?pid=s0073-47212003000400002 <http://www.scielo.br/scielo.php?pid=s0073-47212003000400002&script=sci_arttext> &script=sci_arttext)


JOUIN-TOULMOND, C. & S. HOURDEZ. 2006. Morphology, ultrastructure and funtional anatomy of the branchial organ of Terebellides stroemii (Polychaeta: Trichobranchidae) and remarks on the systematic position of the genus Terebellides. Cahiers de Biologie Marine, 47: 287-299. 



PARAPAR, J. & J. MOREIRA. 2008. Redescription of Terebellides kerguelensis stat. nov. (Polychaeta: Trichobranchidae) from Antarctic and subantarctic waters. Helgoland Marine Research, 62: 143-152. 



PARAPAR, J. & J. MOREIRA. 2008. Revision of three species of Terebellides (Polychaeta: Trichobranchidae) described by C. Hessle in 1917 from the Southern Ocean. Journal of Natural History, 42 (17 & 18): 1261-1275. 



Being the type locality of the species Norway I wouldn't be surprised if the Adriatic specimens belong to a different species (in fact I think it would be the expected thing...). However, there are a couple of species synonymized with Terebellides stroemi that should be taken into account, unless considered to be invalid or indeterminate: 


Corephorus elegans Grube 1846, from the Mediterranean (maybe Adriatic?); 


Terebella pecten Dallyell 1853, from Great Britain; 




Terebellides carnea Bobretzky 1881, from the Black Sea. 


Two other species that have been also considered synonymies with T. stroemi are Terebellides gracilis Malm 1874, from Norway, and Aponobranchus perrieri Gravier 1905, from the Red Sea. I really don't believe this last one is the same as T. stroemi. 


I hope this can help. 


Good luck!




P.S. Let me know if nobody can get you a copy of the paper you are looking for.


João Gil


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Dear colleagues,


I would like to know something more on the newest observations on the

records of Terebellides stroemi in the Mediterranean.


I know this species was considered as cosmopolitan, but it was later

discovered that species reported as T. stroemi from different parts of

the world actually belong to different species.


As far as the Adriatic sea is concerned the findings of Terebellides

here are still considered as T. stroemi.


Are there some doubts that the Adriatic specimens also belong to some

other species? Which species can be found in the Mediterranean?

If there are some papers for reading that you can recommend me I will be

very grateful. If you could send me pdf-s of some papers even better.


I'm trying to get:


Hutchings P.A., & Peart R. (2000). A revision of the Australian

Trichobranchidae (Polychaeta). Invertebrate Taxonomy.14(2): 225–272.


but we don't have an access to that journal, so I would appreciate if

you could send me the pdf.


And the last thing... I have many Terebellides specimens in my samples

(formalin fixed, thus suitable only for morphological analyses) so if

somebody would like to "take a look", collaborate on resolving the

Terebellides status in the Adriatic etc., I am willing to send my

specimens and help in work on it.


Many thanks,





Barbara Mikac, PhD

Center for Marine Research

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