T. stroemii Re: [Annelida] Terebellides stroemi in the Adriatic?

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Thu May 26 16:19:32 EST 2011

"a plethora of different spellings for this species"

True, but only one correct spelling, namely 'stroemii' with the double
i, as used by Michael Sars.

ICZN Art 33.4 deals clearly with this single or double i issue &
requires the original spelling to be used. 
Other variants are incorrect subsequent spellings, including McIntosh's
Challenger Terebellides stroemi kerguelensis.

T. stroemii is named to honor the Ström family, perhaps Hans Ström? 
There are many 'stroemii' (double i) marine species epithets from the
early 1800's.

WoRMs is up to date on this issue if you want a quick pointer for
remembering which one to use.
The synonyms should be pointing to 'stroemii' not 'stroemi'.  
I'll fix this, but these names may well NOT be synonyms of course.
Something to be checked.


>>> On 27/05/2011 at 1:47 a.m., "Michael Reuscher"
<Michael.Reuscher from gmx.net>
> Hi Barbara,
> Garraffoni, Lana & Hutchings (2005) A catalogue of the
> (Polychaeta: Annelida) of the world. Zootaxa 1065: 1-27.
> gives a good overview over described species, synonymies, etc. You
will find 
> that there's a plethora of different spellings for this species.

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