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Hi there,

FYI. I noticed this from Springer today. It's not a conference
proceedings, but a major work of the 2 authors, in preparation since

Rodriguez, Pilar; Reynoldson, Trefor B. 2011. The Pollution Biology of
Aquatic Oligochaetes. Springer, IX, 265 p. 245 illus., 261 in color.

ISBN 978-94-007-1717-6, price 99.95 Euro, hardback

If you have access it can be read online.

Blurb: In aquatic ecosystems, the oligochaetes are often a major
component of the community. Their relevance in sediment quality
assessment is largely related to their benthic and detritivorous life
habit. In this book, we aim to present the state of the art of Pollution
Biology using oligochaete worms in laboratory and field studies. Future
research will require the combination of a variety of methodological
approaches and the integration of the resulting information, avoiding
fragmented and often conflicting visions of the relationships of the
species with their environment. Current approaches to ecotoxicology and
bioaccumulation using ecological risk assessment provide the opportunity
to relate community studies with probability of effects.

This book addresses three main themes: Ecological and Field Studies
using the composition and structure of oligochaete communities,
Toxicology and Laboratory Studies, and Bioaccumulation and Trophic
Transfer Studies. Two appendices list values of toxicological parameters
(LC50, EC50) and several bioaccumulation variables (bioaccumulation
factors, biological half-life, toxicokinetic coefficients, and critical
body residues) for different oligochaete species. Additional information
is provided on Methodological Issues and on the Taxonomy of several
oligochaete families, with information on the most recent taxonomic
debates. Each chapter includes a critical view, based on the authors’
experience, of a number of current issues which have been raised in the


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