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Dear colleagues,

Maybe some of you could be interested in have a look on my most recent 

Conradi M., Marin I. and Martin D. (2012) An unexpected parasitic 
relationship between a new species of /Anthessius/ (Copepoda, 
Cyclopoida) and a decapod crustacean, /Alpheus macrocheles/ (Hailstone, 
1835) from the NW Mediterranean Sea. Journal of Crustacean Biology, 
32(5), 860-870.

It is not on polychaetes, but describes a new and interesting species of 
symbiotic copepod and discusses the relevance of host-switching 
mechanisms in the establishment of new symbiotic relationships within 
this group.

If some of you are interested, please ask me for the PDF.

My apologies to the non interested ones.



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