[Annelida] Any ideas as to what this is???

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Mr. Gray,

Your specimen possesses a proventriculus so is therefore family Syllidae.
Smooth tentacular cirri and basally fused palps (at least as far as I 
can tell) so is therefore subfamily Eusyllinae
Straight pharynx armed with a single tooth...

Therefore, based on your pictures you have, I believe, either:

 1. genus Pionosyllis
 2. genus Eusyllis

Without close-ups of setae and details of rim of pharynx I think that's 
as far as I can go.
Others connected with this mailing group will certainly be able to give 
you more precise identification than I can (and double-check my 
suggestions) but that should be a starting direction for your researches.

All the best,

Mr. Bryn Villers

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On 8/14/2012 9:04 AM, mikegravy from gmail.com wrote:
> Hi list,
> Just curious if anyone has any clue what the attached pics are of?
> Sorry about the quality of the pics. They are approximately 2 cm long
> and were found infesting the skin of some cultured sea cucumber's here
> in South Africa. These photos are 10x magnification and in the one pic
> you can see a juvenile "hatching".  Any ideas would be appreciated
> I've got no clue to where to even start looking as to what they are :)
> Thanks in advance
> Mike Gray
> Hermanus
> South Africa
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