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August 11-16, 2013

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Dear Geoff,

Could you please let annelid people know that we will run the first
*Gordon Research Conference on Marine Molecular Ecology* right after our
next polychaete conference. For ones who have been studying marine
ecology/biology using molecular techniques, this will be the highest
level and best scientific conference to attend as the conference
emphasize on 1) cutting-edge research, 2) unpublished results, and 3)
networking, and 4) social gathering. For the entire conference, there
will be just about 25 oral presentations (maximal) in order to maximize
the times for open discussions. There will also be two poster
presentation sessions (about 90 poster in total). The conference has a
cap on attendance and all the participants are by invitation (each
person applies for slot and the chairs choose the participants). As
such, attending the meeting is always viewed as a pride and honor.

Since many of our European and NA colleagues may go to Sydney for
polychaete conference, it may be a cost-effective trip for them to stop
by Hong Kong to attend this meeting on their way back (I will go to
Sydney and then come back for meeting). This may also give them higher
incentive to travel to Polychaete conference (two meetings on one trip).

Whoever is interested in attending GRC here, please contact me as early
as possible (although online registration system will not be opened by
GRC until early Feb. 2013. I will try my best to reserve slots. Please
keep in mind, GRC registration fee will include all the meals,
accommodation, and social events (as GRC tradition). For details, they
can check on:

* http://www.grc.org/programs.aspx?year=2013&program=marinemol*

For more information, they can also contact my assistant Miss Cherry
Kwan (htckwan from ust.hk).

Best wishes. Pei-Yuan

Dr. Pei-Yuan Qian
Chair Professor in Division of Life Science

Director, Environmental Science Programs
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Director, KAUST Global Collaborative Research Program on
Microbial genomics and bioactive compounds of the Red Sea
Tel: 0852-2358-7331, Fax: 2358-1559
E-mail: boqianpy from ust.hk


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