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  1. [Annelida] New paper (not on polychaetes)   Daniel Martin Sintes
  2. [Annelida] web page of our polychaetological association   Paulo Lana
  3. [Annelida] Molecular divergence of Pectinariidae   Olev Vinn
  4. [Annelida] Marenzellaria reference   Sue Hamilton
  5. [Annelida] Marenzellaria paper.   Sue Hamilton
  6. [Annelida] Any ideas as to what this is???   mikegravy from gmail.com
  7. [Annelida] UK deep-sea ecologist job at NOC   Geoff Read
  8. [Annelida] Fwd: Marine Molecular Ecology, 2013 (Gordon Research Conference)   Geoff Read
  9. [Annelida] a new paper on serpulids   Jian-Wen Qiu
  10. [Annelida] FW: DEST - Training programmes 2012-2013   Geoff Read
  11. [Annelida] New DNA Barcoding blog   Dirk Steinke
  12. [Annelida] new paper   Kirk Fitzhugh
  13. [Annelida] (no subject)   Jeffrey Alejandro Sibaja-Cordero

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