[Annelida] Tomopteris question

Barbara Mikac via annelida%40net.bio.net (by barbara.mikac from cim.irb.hr)
Wed Feb 1 09:33:14 EST 2012

Dear colleagues,

I am interested whether species Tomopteris catharina (Gosse, 1851) and
Tomopteris vitrina Vejdovsky, 1878 should be synonymysed with Tomopteris
helgolandica Gosse, 1853? Stossich (1883) and Stiasny (1910; 1912)
report T. vitrina for the Adriatic Sea, while Vatova, 1928; Knežević,
1942; Katzmann, 1972; Požar-Domac, 1994 and Rosa, 1912 report T.

But I think that all those findings should be attributed to T.

Can somebody help me with solving that?

Many thanks,

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