[Annelida] RE: Capitella sp. I lives on, but why?

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I've added a record for Capitella sp. I to the World Polychaeta Database (WPD).  This redirects to C. teleta.


I'm not entirely sure this will be approved of in all circles since it's only an OTU, if a very widely used one, but it may help 'the public' out there.
Also searches for the vernacular/common name of Capitella sp. I will find the two records

Let me know if you'd like to see anything else helpful added or linked to either record.


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> One wonders why Capitella sp. I lives on as below in 2012 instead of the correct
> C. teleta, since this, International Society of Microbial Ecology Journal,  is not an
> obscure journal, is published by the prestigious Nature group, and has an impact
> factor of 6.153!  One would expect top quality research and editing, and Capitella
> teleta has had numerous citations and usages in the general literature since
> published in 2009 by Jim Blake et al.
> nevertheless:
> Kunihiro, T.; Takasu, H.; Miyazaki, T.; Uramoto, Y.; Kinoshita, K.; Yodnarasri, S.;
> Hama, D.; Wada, M.; Kogure, K.; Ohwada, K.; Tsutsumi, H. 2011. Increase in
> Alphaproteobacteria in association with a polychaete, Capitella sp I, in the
> organically enriched sediment. Isme Journal 5(11): 1818-1831
> http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/00222936608679491
> Odd. I can't see into the article,  but presume they are unaware they are behind
> the times a little.  I've dropped them a note.

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