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Dear Barbara,

A promising alternative might be DMDMH (Dimethyldimethylolhydantoin). It is a formaldehyde releasing agent used as a replacement for formalin in cosmetic and personal care products (not long ago shampoo could contain formaldehyde up to 1%!). 

More info can be found in the following papers:

van Dam, A.J. 2003. DMDM-Hydantoin: The promising result of a search for an alternative in fluid preservation of biological specimens. Collection Forum; journal of the Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections (SPNHC), 18(1-2):104-115.

Molin, D.G.M. and A.J. van Dam. 2006. A Preservation Method Supporting Multipurpose Analysis of Long-stored Samples. Cell Preservation Technology, 4(1):46-50.

Also a new paper investigating the fixative capacities of DMDMH is expected to be published in the forthcoming issue of Collection Forum.

Kind regards,


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Hi Jean-Marc,

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Geoff (Moderator)

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The search of a substitution for formaldehyde is a frequent subject of discussion on NHColl-L (The Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections' list-server;

The expert that has worked on this issue and follows the subject is Andries J. van Dam,  conservator at the Museum of Anatomy,  Leiden University Medical Center.

He is cc'd on this message. I am sure he'll be able to bring you up to date on the subject, although he probably cannot post directly on ANNELIDA-list.


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Dear colleagues,

I am interested if there is some other fixative for the macrozoobenthic samples that can substitute formalin? All groups will be analysed analyses later but special interest will be in polychaetes.

Thank you very much for your help!


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