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Hi Barbara,

It is not a simple request unfortunately. It would be good if some generous person could make copies of Renier's problematic "works", which are by ICZN decision unpublished, more generally available.  They are much discussed, including in various ICZN decisions, but not obtainable freely even now as far as I know. The British Natural History Museum library has old photographic copies of Renier's uncompleted unpublished works which otherwise (they say, and I'm sure correctly) exist only in the University of Padua library.  The link I have to the NHM catalogue Renier entry "Photographic reproduction of three works that were never completed" will not work directly for reasons unknown, but you can search the catalogue and find it.

See: Muir, A. I. and M. E. Petersen (2010). "Case 3525. Tricoelia variopedata Renier, [1804] (currently Chaetopterus variopedatus; Annelida, Polychaeta): proposed conservation of the specific name." Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature 67(4): 279-284.
        The purpose of this application, under Article 81.1 of the Code, is, firstly, to conserve the widespread current usage of the name Chaetopterus variopedatus, which is used by polychaete taxonomists and ecologists around the world despite the fact that it is derived from the officially unpublished works of Renier. Furthermore, we request an amendment to the entry for Renier [1804b] in the Official Index of Works in Zoology to make it clear that some names in that unpublished work have been validated by the Commission.

Quote: "The works known as Renier (1804a), Renier (1804b) and Renier (1807) have all
been rejected for not being properly published; see Opinion 316 (Opinions and
Declarations 9(5): 91–106, December 1954) and Opinion 427 (Opinions and Declarations
14(11): 281–310, October 1956)."

It is timely to have another go at this issue. I hope we can get some movement on more general availability of Renier.


Geoff Read

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Dear colleagues,

I need the following paper and I would appreciate very much if somebody
could send me paper of pdf copy.

Renier Stefano Andrea. 1804. Prospetto della Classe dei Vermi, nominati
el ordinati secondo il Sistemo de Bosc. xv-xxviii. Padua.

If somebody has the paper, you can contact me privately, and I will let
you know which part/pages/section I need, if it is too much to send the
entire paper.

Many thanks and sunny greetings from Rovinj,

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