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Dear colleagues:
I´m working with the family Pisionidae, but it has been very difficult for me to get all the papers I need. So, I wonder if some of you have some of the following papers or could help me to get them. 

Harmann-Schröder, G. (1970) Zur Kenntnis der Pisionidae Südafrikas, mit Hinweisen auf die Entwicklung der Genitalorgane (Annelida: Polychaeta). Abhandlungen und Verhandlungen des Naturwissenschaftlichen Vereins Hamburg (N.F.). 14: 55-70.

Siewing, R. (1953) Morphologische Untersuchungen am “Kopf” der Pisioniden (Pisione puzae nov. spec., Annelida, Polychaeta). Zool. Anz. 150: 298-313. 
Siewing, R. (1955) Eine neuer Pisionide aus Grundwasser der peruanischen Küste. Zool. Anz. 154: 127-135. 
Storch, V. (1967) Neue Polychaeten aus der Sandfauna des Roten Meers. Zool. Anz. 178: 102-110. 
Tenerelli, V. (1965)  Considerazioni sul genere Pisione (Annelida: Polychaeta) e sua presenza lungo le coste di Sicilia. Boll. Sed. Accad. Gioenia Sci. Natur. Catania, ser IV. 8: 291-310, pl. I.  
Uschakov, P.V. (1956) Polychaets of the family Pisionidae Levinsen inhabiting the seas of the USSR. Zool. Acad. Sci. USSR. 35(12): 1809-1813. 
Yamanishi, R. (1976) Interstitial polychaetes of Japan I. Three new pisionid worms from western Japan. Publications of the Seto Marine Biology Laboratory. 23(3/5): 371-385. 
Yamanishi, R. (1991) Redescription of the male copulatory organ of Pisione crassa Yamanishi, 1976 (Annelida: Polychaeta: Pisionidae). Bull. Osaka Mus. Natur. Hist. 45: 1-4, pls. 1-3. 
Yamanishi, R. (1992) A new species of Pisione (Polychaeta: Pisionidae) from Shijiki Bay, Nagasaki Prefecture, western Japan. Bull Osaka Mus. Natur. Hist. 46: 1-10, pl. 1. 
Zhao, Jing; Westheide, W; Wu, Baoling (1991) A new interstitial species of the genus Pisione (Polychaeta: Pisionidae) from Yellow Sea, China. Oceanologia et limnologia sinica/Haiyang Yu Huzhao. Qingdao. Vol. 22, no. 4, pp. 304-308. 
Thanks in advance, I really appreciate your help to continue with my work.
Diana Salcedo.

Biol. Diana L. Salcedo O.
Estudiante de Maestría; Posgrado en Ciencias del Mar y Limnología
Laboratorio de Ecología y Biodiversidad de Invertebrados Marinos
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