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Dear colleagues,
My name is Bárbara Ferreira,  I'm post graduation student (master's level)
at Brazilian National Museum.
I'm studying polychaetes of coastal lagoons and I found the specie Nephtys
I would like to read the articles:

Hartman, O. 1959. Catalogue of the Polychaetous Annelids of the World.
Parts 1 and 2. Occasional Papers of the Allan Hancock Foundation, 23: 628pp.
Monro, C. C. A. 1937. On some freshwater polychaetes from Uruguay. Annals
and Magazine of Natural History, Ser. 10, 20(117): 241-250.

Wesenberg-Lund, E. (1958) Lesser Antillean polychaetes, chiefly from
brackish water, with a survey and a bibliography of fresh and
brackish-water polychaetes. Studies on the Fauna of Curaçao and other
Caribbean Islands, 8, 1–41. In: “Uitgaven Natuurwetenschappelijke
Studiekring voor Suriname en de Nederlandse Antillen”, 17, 1–41.

Could you help me please?
Thanks in advance,
Bárbara Ferreira.
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