[Annelida] Psammodrilidae in the Adriatic

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Fri Jan 27 03:38:33 EST 2012

Dear colleagues,

I have the same question as before for the species Psammodrilus balanoglossoides Swedmark, 1952 of the family PSAMMODRILIDAE, reported for the northern Adriatic?

Many thanks one more time!



Dear colleagues,

Does anybody have some insight in the existence/distribution of
Protodrilidae species in the Adriatic Sea? In one old unpublished list
compiled by dr. Elvis Zahtila, I found Protodrilus adhaerens Jägersten,
1952, P. hypoleucus Armenante, 1903, and P. purpureus (Schneider, 1868)
recorded in the northern Adriatic sea, but nothing is said about the
position, possible papers recording those species etc. It could be that
those are Zahtila's personal unpublished records, but he doesn't
remember. So, I'm tempted to consider this family as not existing in the
Adriatic Sea, unless I get some "proof" about their distribution. Can
somebody help me?

Many thanks,

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