[Annelida] Two PhD scholarships in invertebrate morphology

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                    Dear colleagues,
>> Sorry for cross-posting. I would be most grateful if you would forward this
>> announcement to possibly interested candidates.
>> Best regards
>> Katrine Worsaae
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>> Katrine Worsaae, Assoc. Prof.
>> Marine Biological Section, Dep. of Biology, Univ. of Copenhagen
>> Strandpromenaden 5, DK-3000 Helsingør, Denmark
>> Associate editor, Acta Zoologica
>> Homepage: http://www.bio.ku.dk/staff/kworsaae
>> Two PhD scholarships in invertebrate morphology: ³Evolution and development
>> of central organ systems in marine meiofauna²
>> Two 3-year PhD positions are available at the Marine Biological Section,
>> Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen. The positions will be
>> jointly supervised by Katrine Worsaae, University of Copenhagen and Andreas
>> Hejnol, Uni Sars Centre, Norway. Deadline for applications is June 11, 2012.
>> The scholarships will address the origin of central body designs through
>> detailed studies of, microscopic, complex animals of the lesser-studied
>> spiralian lineages. Hereby we seek answers to central questions such as: Was
>> the last common spiralian ancestor relatively large and complex as annelids
>> and mollusks? Or was it microscopic consisting of low number of cells only?
>> How complex and regionalized is the brain of microscopic animals?
>> The PhD projects are expected to provide new scientific insight into the
>> detailed structure, development, and evolution of central characters in
>> selected spiralian meiofaunal taxa. Transcriptomes of these taxa are either
>> in progress or will be generated during the project. The projects will
>> combine the disciplines of advanced microscopy and immunochemistry
>> (histology, TEM, CLSM, 3D reconstructions) with studies of gene expression
>> patterns. Body designs and organ systems of interest could be e.g., the
>> brain, sensory structures, seriality, cell numbers and size, dwarfism,
>> alimentary canal. For further information on the project contact Assoc. Prof.
>> Katrine Worsaae at kworsaae from bio.ku.dk. **Please do not post your application
>> to this address**.
>> See full announcement and apply online via
>> http://www1.bio.ku.dk/english/about/jobs/
>> Or at 
>> http://www.offentlige-stillinger.dk/sites/cfml/kbhuni/kbhuniVis.cfm?plugin=1&
>> amp;englishJobs=NO&nJobNo=204560&nLangNo=1

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