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Dear colleagues,

It is with great sadness that I have just received the new on the death 
of Michel Bhaud, aged 72.

Michael was one of my most influencing mentors, a good friend, a better 
person and an excellent scientist. He entered the CNRS in October 1966 
and soon started to work at the Observatoire Océanologique de Banyuls. 
World-renowned specialist on ecology and development of invertebrates, 
basically polychaetes, he was also one of the best representatives of a 
remarkable generation of polychaete taxonomists, with more than 100 
scientific papers published. His work on Chaetopterids, Oweniids and 
many other families are still matter of reference. For a long time, he 
was the leader of the French National Research Program on the 
Determinism of Recruitment and his work on this topic was revolutionary 
and always a matter of discussion. He received the CNRS bronze medal in 
1975 and supervised numerous doctoral students who now occupy senior 
positions in several laboratories in Europe, many of them (me included) 
being infected by his love for nature and its creatures and for the 
science that tries to describe them. His enthusiasm was contagious and 
has been a guide of my studies since we first collaborate during my 
stage in the OOB in 1994.

Married with Yvonne, also a CNRS researcher, Michael was retired since 
2005, when he left the Observatoire and courageously supported a triple 
bypass. Since then, he has been living at his loved Massif Centrale 
always close to his children.

For those who know Yvonne and want to address her some words:

    Yvonne Bhaud
    Le Bourg
    15240 Saignes

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