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[Annelida] Ancistrosyllis cingulata

Chris Glasby via annelida%40net.bio.net (by chris.glasby from nt.gov.au)
Thu Apr 11 19:29:25 EST 2013

Dear Barbara,

In revising the Australian pilargids we came across this overlooked species. Although it is currently included as a valid species of Ancistrosyllis in the WoRMS database, my view is that it should  regarded as Pilargidae incertae sedis, because it could equally belong to genus Cabira. Although Korschelt clearly shows a median antenna, which is suggestive of Ancistrosyllis (but not all Ancistrosyllis have a median antenna), the distinguishing features that separate Ancistrosyllis from Cabira (degree of dorso-ventral body compression; peristomium sharply divided from segment 1 in Cabira but not in Ancistrosyllis; and possibly pharynx shape - highly muscular sometimes long and looped in Ancistrosyllis), may not have developed in a juvenile. Lastly, Korschelt illustrates four lobes in the hind brain, which is also not helpful in identifying the genus as Cabira reportedly has 3 and Ancistrosyllis has 5.


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Dear colleagues,

I need help on the validity of the species Ancistrosyllis cingulata  
(Korschelt, 1893). The species was described from the bay of Trieste  
(northern Adriatic) by Korschelt (1983) but from the larval planctonic  
form, as Harpochaeta cingulata, and at that time taught to belong to  
Syllids. Ehlers (1908) thought that Harpochaeta is synonymous with  
Ancistrosyllis. Fauvel (1923) considered Harpochaeta as synonymous  
with Ancistrosyllis and gave drawings presented by Korschet (1983). In  
the Adriatic Sea the species was later reported only by Aleffi et al.  
(1987-1988) and Požar-Domac, 1994. Požar-Domac (1994) publication is  
the catalogue of the Adriatic polychaetes and obviously refers to the  
Korschelt (1983) finding or eventually to Aleffi et al. (1987-1988).

The species is never mentioned in the further lists of  
Pilargids/polychaetes of the Adriatic Sea (Castelli, 1991; Cantone,  
2003; Castelli et al., 2008) nor is listed in the Mediterranean fauna  
(Coll et al., 2010) and I am wondering if this species is valid? Was  
it ever described by the adult forms after its initial description?  
Various internet links I've found always indicated that it is a valid  
species. But I cannot find any publication where this species is  
re-described or reported for the Adriatic Sea or any other area. Then  
I suppose that the species is not valid, and that Adriatic reports  
actually belong to Ancistrosyllis groenlandica (or possibly some other  
Ancistrosyllis species) but certainly not to A. cingulata.

What do you think?

Many thanks,


Barbara Mikac, PhD
Higher research assistant
Center for Marine Research
Ruđer Bošković Institute
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52210 Rovinj
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