[Annelida] Creating Taxonomic Keys Using Lucid

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Hi Carrie and others

There is no reason not to continue with Delta/Intkey whatever operating system you prefer.  The software (now known as Open DELTA) has been ported to Java and thus runs just fine on Windows, Mac and Linux. See https://code.google.com/p/open-delta/.

I haven't used Lucid myself but I know many who have and are happy with it.  See http://www.lucidcentral.com/. You can import some Delta format data to Lucid but with some loss of information (eg character dependencies, I think).

A Lucid licence will cost you approx. $Aus600 but they offer an older version for free.  Open DELTA is free, open source.

Hope this helps, bye, Robin

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Has anyone had any experience using Lucid software to create/use an identification key?  I have previous experience with the old Delta/IntKey software, but unfortunately I have not been able to build new keys after switching to a new operating system on my computer.  Any input would be greatly appreciated.



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