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  1. [Annelida] New paper on Hydroides (Serpulidae)   Yanan Sun
  2. [Annelida] My new contact information in Oslo   Torsten Struck
  3. [Annelida] FW: 12th International Polychaete Conference Website   Andy Mackie
  4. [Annelida] Polynoidae   Paulo Bonifacio
  5. [Annelida] FW: New paper on European annelid fauna   Geoff Read
  6. [Annelida] references request   Wilson, Robin
  7. [Annelida] RE: references request   Wilson, Robin
  8. [Annelida] Florida Association of Benthologists Syllid Workshop Announcement   Karlen, David
  9. [Annelida] Fwd: FW: Zootaxa 4019 (1): 001–801   Elena Kupriyanova
  10. [Annelida] Sources for Zootaxa 4019 Lizard Island   Geoff Read
  11. [Annelida] PDF request   José Eriberto Assis
  12. Israel Journal of Zoology RE: [Annelida] PDF request   Geoff Read
  13. [Annelida] Caullery Siboga pdf?   Wilson, Robin
  14. [Annelida] Help with some references   Vinícius da Rocha Miranda
  15. [Annelida] Paper request   SERGIO TABOADA MORENO

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