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[Annelida] Polycirrus triglandula Langerhans, 1880

Geoff Read via annelida%40net.bio.net (by Geoffrey.Read from niwa.co.nz)
Fri Aug 26 05:10:34 EST 2016

Hello all,

Well I found the list of Langerhans Madeira etc preparations in an old, very old, email from Mary Petersen (02 Nov 1994).  As I understand the circumstances this is a transcription by Mary of a photocopy of the Naturisches Museum Wien register pages for ~1884, obtained by Phyllis Knight-Jones.  It is said by Phyllis to be in Langerhans handwriting. The explanation detail is Mary's. Polycirrus triglandula is recorded there. Langerhans died young, in 1888, in Madeira.


>From left to right, the following headings are used:

[Catalogue] No. - Probably = Langerhans' catalogue number
Stuckzahl und Art der Conservering - Number of specimens and type of    
   preservation; mikrosk. Praep. [here written mP] = slide; "n" probably =
   no slides
Jahr der Aufstellung - Year received?  This column has 1884, a roman numeral 
   that goes at least up to XIV, thus not a month (perhaps something like an 
   accession number), and a small arabic numeral, more or less in same 
   sequence as catalogue numbers, but the system is not clear to me.  The 
   arabic numbers are sometimes reversed relative to the catalogue numbers; 
   it seems like Langerhans attempted to list the specimens first and slides 
   from these afterwards, which may be why the arabic numbers do not always   
   follow the same sequence as catalogue numbers.
Name - Genus species Author
Fundort - Locality; Puerto = Puerto de la Orotava, on the N coast of 
   Tenerife, Canary Islands
Erhalten von (gesammelt von) - Received from (collected by) 
K/G/T - only a guess, but perhaps refers to storage (G, T - Glass or Tube) or 
   exhibition container.  G usually given for first entry on each page, 
   probably applies to all unless indicated otherwise, but only included 
   below when this is on same line as species treated. 
Special-Katalog Fol. - usually blank 
Abgang Fol. - seems to be date (and number of) specimens [St.] given away

3188; 1/n;  1884/iv/5; Lagisca aequespina Langerh., Madeira, Prof. Dr. 
      Langerhans (both donor and collector, applies also to all of following)

3200; 8/n;  1884/iv/17; Leonnates pusillus Langerh., Madeira
3202; 2/mP; 1884/iv/19; Ceratonereis brunnea Langerh., Madeira 
3203; 2/mP; 1884/iv/20; Ceratonereis vittata Langerh., Madeira
3210; 15/n; 1884/iv/27; Lycoris funchalensis Langerh., Madeira - Abgang [?] 
      188 - 4 St. (date perhaps = 1888)
3216; 1/mP; 1884/iv/33; Diopatra madeirensis Langerh., Madeira 
3217; 2/mP; 1884/iv/34; Hyalinoecia rubra Langerh., Madeira 
3231; 1/mP; 1884/iv/48; Halla sulfurea Langerh., Madeira 
3232; 2/mP; 1884/iv/49; Marphysa saxicola Langerh., Puerto 
3243; 2/n;  1884/xiv/60; Phyllodoce madeirensis Langerh., Madeira 
3244; 1/mP; 1884/xiv/61;     "          "                   " 
3245; 2/mP; 1884/xiv/62; Phyllodoce Dohrnii Langerh., Madeira 
3246; 3/n;  1884/xiv/63; Eulalia pulchra Langerh., Madeira 
3247; 2/mP; 1884/xiv/64;   "       "                 " 
3249; 1/mP; 1884/xiv/67; Eulalia notata Langerh., Madeira 
3251; 1/mP; 1884/xiv/68; Notophyllum alatum Langerh., Madeira 
3252; 1/mP; 1884/xiv/69; Notophyllum frontale Langerh., Madeira 
3253; 1/mP; 1884/xiv/70; Mystides caeca Langerh., Madeira 
3265; 5/n;  1884/xiv/82; Ehlersia rosea Langerh., Madeira
3266; 2/mP; 1884/xiv/83;    "       "                "
3268; 4/mP; 1884/xiv/86; Ehlersia simplex Langerh., Madeira
3270; 1/mP; 1884/xiv/87; Ehlersia ferruginea Langerh., Puerto
3273; 3/n;  1884/xiv/90; Protosyllis brunnea Langerh., Madeira
3274; 2/mP; 1884/xiv/91;      "         "                 "
3275; 1/mP; 1884/xiv/92; Protosyllis viridis Langerh., Madeira
3277; 2/mP; 1884/xiv/94; Pionosyllis Weismanni Langerh., Madeira
3279; 1/mP; 1884/xiv/96; Apisthodonta morena Langerh., Madeira
3284; 6/n;  1884/xiv/101; Eusyllis kupfferi Langerh., Madeira
3285; 2/mP; 1884/xiv/102;    "        "                  "
3294; 1/mP; 1884/xiv/111; Grubea Arminis Langerh., Puerto
3296; 1/mP; 1884/xiv/113; Grubea ovigera Langerh., Madeira
3298; 1/mP; 1884/xiv/115; Paedophylax insignis Langerh., Madeira
3302; 2/mP; 1884/xiv/119; Autolytus quindecim-dentatus Langerh., Madeira
3310; 1/mP; 1884/xiv/127; Proceraea fasciata Langerh., Madeira
3311; 3/mP; 1884/xiv/128; Procerastea nematodes Langerh., Madeira
3312; 2/mP; 1884/xiv/129; Virchowia clavata Langerh., Madeira
3313; 1/mP; 1884/xiv/130; Typosyllis oblonga Langerh., Madeira
3314; 3/mP; 1884/xiv/131; Typosyllis pulvinata Langerh., Madeira
3316; 2/mP; 1884/xiv/133; Aricia acustica Langerh., Puerto
3319; 1/mP; 1884/xiv/135a; Spio atlanticus Langerh., Puerto    
3322; 10/n; 1884/xiv/138: Polydora armata Langerh., Madeira - Abgang ?? ?3 St.
      (Date and number of specimens given away or exchanged unclear)

3323; 2/mP; 1884/xiv/139; Polydora armata Langerh.,   "
3325; 1/mP; 1884/xiv/141; Polydora hamata Langerh., Madeira, G
3330; 1/mP; 1884/xiv/146; Cirratulus viridis Langerh., Madeira
3331; 1/mP; 1884/xiv/147; Archidice glandularis Langerh., Madeira
3342; 1/mP; 1884/xiv/158; Branchiomaldane Vincentii Langerh., Puerto 
3344: 1/mP; 1884/xiv/160; Axiothea cirrifera Langerh., Madeira
3346; 8/n;  1884/xiv/162; Ampharete minuta Langerh., Madeira, G
3347; 3/mP; 1884/xiv/163;     "        "                "
3348; 1/mP; 1884/xiv/164; Amphitrite Orotave Langerh., Puerto
3355; 1/mP; 1884/xiv/171; Leaena Graffii Langerh., Madeira
3359; 7/n;  1884/xiv/175; Polycirrus triglandula Langerh., Madeira
3364; 2/mP; 1884/xiv/180; Potamilla socialis Langerh., Madeira
3365; 15/n; 1884/xiv/181; Potamilla incerta Langerh., Madeira - Abgang ? 3St.

3366; 2/mP; 1884/xiv/182;     "        "                 "
3369; 1/mP; 1884/xiv/185; Potamilla rubra Langerh., Madeira, G
3370; 8?/n; 1884/xiv/186; Sabella variabilis Langerh., Madeira
3375; 1/mP; 1884/xiv/191; Chone arenicola Langerh., Madeira
3376; 8/n;  1884/xiv/192; Chone collaris Langerh., Madeira
3377; 2/mP; 1884/xiv/193;   "      "                  "
3778; 2/mP; 1884/xiv/194; Euchone rosea Langerh., Madeira
3782; 8/n;  1884/xiv/198; Leptochone violacea Langerh., Madeira
3783; 2/mP; 1884/xiv/199;     "         "                  "
3786; 2/n; 1884/xiv/202; Serpula concharum Langerh., Madeira (Roehren: tubes) 

3787; 1/mP; 1884/xiv/203;   "        "                  " 
3795; 6/n;  1884/xiv/211; Vermilia spirorbis Langerh., Madeira (Roehren) 
3796; 2/mP; 1884/xiv/212;    "         "                  " 
3800; 6/n;  1884/xiv/216; Omphalopoma spinosa Langerh., Madeira (Roehren)  
3801; 2/mP; 1884/xiv/217;      "         "                 "
3802; 1/mP; 1884/xiv/218; Omphalopoma cristata Langerh., Madeira
3803; 2/mP; 1884/xiv/219; Filogranula gracilis Langerh., Madeira
3813; 1/mP; 1884/xiv/228; Salmacina setosa Langerh., Madeira (Roehren)
3819; 1/mP; 1884/xiv/234; Polygordius Schneideri Langerh., Madeira

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Subject: Re: [Annelida] Polycirrus triglandula Langerhans, 1880

Hello Jérôme

I don't know, but the types and slides of Langerhans that survived are supposedly mostly at  Naturisches Museum Wien.
In 1994 Phyllis Knight-Jones reported they were there. There is a list of the species found somewhere but I am not sure if I ever saw it. Someone else may have it. Also some slides of Langerhans were found at Zoological Institute of the University of Freiburg, Germany, but these were Syllidae only.

Geoff Read
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To: annelida from magpie.bio.indiana.edu
Subject: [Annelida] Polycirrus triglandula Langerhans, 1880

Dear all,

Do anybody knows if a type for /Polycirrus triglandula /Langerhans, 1880
exist somewhere ?

Thank you


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