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  1. [Annelida] Fauvel 1927   Melih Ertan Çınar
  2. [Annelida] Our most recent publication on the symbiotic community associated to Chaetopterus spp.   Daniel Martin
  3. [Annelida] Paper request   Camila Fernanda Silva
  4. [Annelida] 100 years of deep-sea tube worms   Geoff Read
  5. [Annelida] Taxonomic papers at Marine Biology Research   Sergio Taboada
  6. [Annelida] Digitized Bobretzky?   vsurugiu from uaic.ro
  7. [Annelida] Taxonomic papers at Marine Biology Research   Paulay,Gustav
  8. [Annelida] Research Paper   Sue Hamilton
  9. [Annelida] Euchone paper   Sue Hamilton
  10. [Annelida] Canadian Museum of Nature Visiting Scientist Awards -- Bourses de chercheur invité au Musée canadien de la nature   Jean-Marc Gagnon
  11. [Annelida] Barry Vittor Gulf Mexico Polychaetes again   Harry Hove, ten
  12. [Annelida] V Latin American Symposium of Polychaeta (July 2018)   Jeffrey Alejandro Sibaja-Cordero
  13. [Annelida] McIntosh British annelids set   Geoff Read
  14. [Annelida] test   Elena Kupriyanova
  15. [Annelida] New serpulid publications and an apology   Elena Kupriyanova
  16. [Annelida] Valid publication & ZooBank FW: Zoological Nomenclature --- BZN goes e-only   Geoff Read

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