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[Annelida] Brazil National Museum fire

Geoff Read via annelida%40net.bio.net (by Geoffrey.Read from niwa.co.nz)
Mon Sep 3 18:44:30 EST 2018

Thanks Dimítri.

The aftermath of any building fire is so devastating. Let us all take extra care now at our workplaces.

A further update here in a translated private message posted to the Crustacea list:

"The buildings of the Departments of Vertebrates, Department of Botany, Main Library, Classrooms Pavilion, Archaeological Laboratory at Casa de Pedra, Annex Alipio de Miranda Ribeiro, and annex of the Service of Teaching Assistance collection were not reached. The survival of the Annex Alípio de Miranda Ribeiro is important, because it contained some collections of invertebrates and dipterologia. The main building (Palácio da Quinta da Boa Vista) was a total loss, with the possible exception of the collection of mollusc type material that I could help save thanks to Claudio (Collection Technician) who guided us through the darkness. The employees who participated in the grouping of the last moments are of course the courage and dedication, although we have managed to do very little.
The major losses were the materials of the exhibition and the collections located in the main building: archive and historical collection, most of the entomological, anthropological collections, collections of arachnology, and crustaceans. The collection of paleontology and mineralogy may be partially salvaged if a careful work is done after the aftermath.
From the collections of vertebrates, the copies of the old exhibitions that would be incorporated in the new exhibition have been lost, but most of the scientific collection is preserved.”


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Subject: Re: [Annelida] Brazil National Museum fire

Hello Geoffrey,

Professor, it seems that really a good part of the invertebrate collection has been saved, according to the report of Prof. Eduardo Hadju (follow the video link below).

Source: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=568041580279747&id=192082700822521

Despite the unrecoverable tragedy, we may have some news of hope in the face of this tragedy.


Em seg, 3 de set de 2018 às 20:08, Geoff Read <Geoffrey.Read from niwa.co.nz<mailto:Geoffrey.Read from niwa.co.nz>> escreveu:
Dear all,

This is terrible news for Brazilian natural sciences.  https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/sep/03/fire-engulfs-brazil-national-museum-rio
Photos indicate total destruction by fire of the Rio de Janeiro 200-year-old National Museum on Sunday, 2 September 2018.  I've seen amazing photos of museum people coming from the burning building rescuing collection items - so brave of them.  We can only hope some or a lot of the biology collections will have been warehoused elsewhere, as museums tend to do for space reasons. If you know more about this aspect please update us.

And ... "Museum officials and firefighters were able to salvage part of the collection, removed before being hit by fire. One of the saved parts was the collection of types of malacology"  How accurate this claim is I don't know.

From: https://noticias.uol.com.br/ultimas-noticias/agencia-estado/2018/09/02/predio-do-museu-nacional-nao-corre-risco-de-desabar-segundo-os-bombeiros.htm

Just as a tiny indication of the possible loss here are the Brazil MN Polychaeta holotypes we have actually data-entered at WoRMS.  It's probably only recent registrations.

    Holotype MN 23384, locality Rio Grande do Sul, identified as Hyalella imbya Rodrigues & Bueno, 2012
    Holotype MN MHN-BPO 14/0, identified as Kirkia heterobranchiata Nogueira, López & Rossi, 2004
    Holotype MN MN 9571-Ia,, locality Palmeira, identified as Annulitubus mutveii Vinn, Zabini, Sene-Silva, Kirsimae & Susan-Marcos, 2016
    Holotype MN MNRJ 5859, locality Brazil Southeast, identified as Arturia alcatraziensis (Lanna, Rossi, Cavalcanti, Hajdu & Klautau, 2007)
    Holotype MN MNRJ/P455, locality Campos Basin, identified as Lacydonia anapaulae Rizzo, Magalhães & Santos, 2016
    Holotype MN MNRJ/P456, locality Campos Basin, identified as Lacydonia braziliensis Rizzo, Magalhães & Santos, 2016
    Holotype MN MNRJ/P457, locality Campos Basin, identified as Lacydonia jacki Rizzo, Magalhães & Santos, 2016
    Holotype MN MNRJ/P771, locality Pará, identified as Namalycastis caetensis Alves & Santos, 2016

Geoff Read

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