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[Annelida] Special Issua on "Polychaete research"

Elena Kupriyanova via annelida%40net.bio.net (by Elena.Kupriyanova from austmus.gov.au)
Thu Sep 13 12:04:43 EST 2018


I think the rule of the thumb here is that is anyone of us is invited to write something on polychaetes by somebody we don't know and haven't even heard of before, such an invitation can be safely ignored. These guys actually invited me to contribute to a special issue on sponges :)

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Dear all,

Sorry for this message, but I am recurrently receiving an invitation to be Guest Editor for a “Special Issue” with the generic title “Polychaete Research” to be published in the MDPI journal Fishes. There is no more information than the title, and the journal seems to be one of these “open access” ones that require the authors to finance the whole publication of the “special issue”.

As they are very insistent in sending me messages, I would like to know if some of you are aware of this initiative. In other words, I am wondering whether this a real initiative or they are just trying to use fishes to capture some innocent worms …



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