1:1 segregation ratio

ANMR1 at UORDB2.bitnet ANMR1 at UORDB2.bitnet
Thu Dec 12 09:36:00 EST 1991

I had sent an identical message to this news group earlier this year. Obviously
these lines could be either male- or female-specific gametic lethals, but not
nonspecific gametic lethals. Alternatively, these could be sporophyte-specific
early-embryonic lethals. My laboratory at the University of Rochester, NY, is
interested in both of these types of mutants. The response to my query was that
people often noticed approximately 1:1 ratio of segregation of a dominant
marker, but none was looked at closely. Ken Feldman's collection at DuPont
reportedly has a few such lines. Dr. Pablo Scolnik, who manages the collection
now for DuPont, has given out a few pooled families to me to try to detect one
or more of these aberrantly segregating lines. We are trying to do so in my
laboratory. However, Ken Feldman thinks that those lines that have been sent to
me are unlikely to contain the aberrant segregants. He thinks that the "real"
lines are still at DuPont, hidden among piles of records. I had tried
unsuccessfully to get DuPont to let me search for those: they did not say "no",
but I was unable yet to get them to set a date for me to come and look at their
collection records to try to recover the lines. Perhaps I shall be able to do so
in the near future. I shall be most interested in your, and other network
reader's, thoughts on this.
Animesh Ray.

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