Revised Codon Usage Table

Mike Cherry 726-5955 CHERRY at FRODO.MGH.HARVARD.EDU
Tue Aug 18 21:07:12 EST 1992

I've recalculated the codon usage table for Arabidopsis with a cleaner
dataset.  The recently posted table was constructed from all Arabidopsis
sequences contained in GenBank as of July 11, 1992. However a few of these
sequences included more than one stop codon, specifically 16 sequences
contained a total of 162 terminators.  I have removed these questionable
sequences from those used to generate the codon usage table.  The result
of the cleaner dataset is the same as what I posted last week.  That is
the fraction that a particular codon is used for a given amino acid did
not change by any significant amount, except for the terminators which
changed to: TGA - 0.40, TAG - 0.20, and TAA - 0.41.  Because the results
are basically the same I'm not including the table in this message.  For
anyone that would like the revised table it can be retrieved via anonymous
ftp from, look in the codon directory for the file
called ath.cod, or by sending me a mail message requesting the new table. 

Mike Cherry 
cherry at 

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