Arabidopsis Research Companion, a little more information

Mike Cherry 726-5955 CHERRY at FRODO.MGH.HARVARD.EDU
Thu Aug 6 16:07:48 EST 1992

Just a note to ruther explain how to connect with the Arabidopsis Research
Companion provided by MGH. 

The Arabidopsis Research Companion is a text only service.  There are no
pictures.  If you wish to view the physical and genetic maps contained
within AAtDB you must run the ACeDB software and AAtDB database on a Unix
workstation.  Other methods are in the works and will be available in the 

The WAIS AAtDB and Arabidopsis-BioSci servers provide the text of the
AAtDB database and Arabidopsis BioSci conference messages, respectively. 
The AAtDB WAIS server is useful for searching the following types of
information contained with the AAtDB database: primary 2-point and F2
genetic mapping data, bibliographic references, the ABRC and Nottingham
stock center strains and clones, colleague information, Green Book of
genes, alleles and phenotypes, REBASE database of restriction enzymes,
the reference information from all Arabidopsis DNA sequences and more. 
The Arabidopsis-BioSci WAIS server is useful for finding an old message
posted to the group or to explore previous messages that you may have
missed or deleted.  For example you remember a posting describing a
particular method but you didn't need it at the time of the posting and
deleted the message.  Now you would like the method--the
Arabidopsis-BioSci WAIS server contains all old messages and is updated
daily with any new messages.  Every word ever posted to the Arabidopsis
group is indexed. 

I am interested in expanding these network servers.  If you have
suggestions for improvements in the type of information available please
let me know. 

Also note that the WAIS and Gopher servers on
require special client software.  Telnet and ftp will not interact with
the WAIS and Gopher servers.  Consult my previous message for anonymous
ftp archives of these special clients or send me a message. 

However we are providing an account on that
provides access to Gopher, and thus WAIS, through an interactive
terminal using telnet.  To use this Gopher account you would simply
telnet to  On many systems that means you issue
the command:


Then when asked for the username enter:   GOPHER
the password is:   thaliana

Some of you may need the IP address of, it is

In my previous message I included the WAIS "source" information.  The
source information is entered into the WAIS client to instruct it how
to connect directly to the server.  Also the Gopher "link" information in my
previous message is used to add the "Arabidopsis Research Companion" to
another Gopher server.  If you have a Gopher client you simply issue the


I know these programs and use of the network is new to a lot of the
people reading the Arabidopsis list.  Please send me a message if you
are still having problems connecting to the service you desire. 

Also please inform us of any omissions or errors in the AAtDB
information.  That goes for all information no matter how you accessed
the database. 

Mike Cherry

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