female sterile mutant

Tue Aug 4 14:33:18 EST 1992

we have identified at BIOCEM PACIFIC (Canberra, Australia) a female sterile muta
nt of Arabidopsis th.. The mutant phenotype segregates as a single recessive
marker and is very likely caused by either Ac or T-DNA insertion. Is there
anybody who has a similar mutant (preferentially mapped), which we could use for
 complementation studies? Our mutant has the following phenotype:
carpels (2) generally fail to fuse and to generate stigma-related structures;
even if carpel fusion occurs, a functional stigma is never made; carpels usually
 develop ovaries or ovary-like structures.

Andreas Betzner
Biocem Pacific
Research School of Biological Sciences
Australian National University
Canberra, Australia
Betzner at RSBS0.anu.edu.au

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