Arabidopsis Research Companion, a new service

Mike Cherry 726-5955 CHERRY at FRODO.MGH.HARVARD.EDU
Mon Aug 3 20:35:02 EST 1992

Arabidopsis research information is now available via a network server and
a public access account. 

A new method to access the AAtDB database is described below. Access is
available to anyone with a computer on the Internet computer network. The
Unix version of AAtDB is still the superior method to interact with the
Arabidopsis database. However all the text in the database is now
available via a public service. A database of all messages to the
Arabidopsis BioSci group is also provided. A public account to all this
information is also described below for those that can not obtain the
client software. 

Two WAIS servers are now available from MGH to provide access to
Arabidopsis information. The AAtDB database of Arabidopsis information,
including stocks, strains, clones from the ABRC Ohio State and Nottingham
Stock Centre, over 2600 bibliographic citations, the Green Book by
Meyerowitz and Priutt, plus much more. The second WAIS server contains all
messages to the ARABIDOPSIS BioSci electronic conference which includes
the bionet.genome.arabidopsis usenet group and the ARABIDOPSIS
(arab-gen at mailing list. 

An Internet Gopher server is also available which provides access to these
two WAIS servers and links to other Biology related information servers. 
If you already have a gopher client you can connect to the MGH server with
the command:                    gopher

WAIS and Gopher servers are accessed via special client software. Clients
for WAIS and Gopher are available at no charge via anonymous ftp for many
types of computer. The WAIS software for Macintosh, Unix and NeXT is
available via Anonymous FTP from DOS, SunView and VMS clients
are available from A IBM RS6000 client are available
from Gopher clients are available from 

A public account with access to the Arabidopsis Gopher server is provided
by the department of Molecular Biology at Massachusetts General Hospital.
If the appropriate software cannot be obtained for your networked computer
a special account on can be used. Simply use the
command "telnet" to connect with MGH and use the
username "gopher" and the password "thaliana". This public account should
provide a useful service to the large amount of biological information
that is becoming available via WAIS and Gopher. Sorry there is no public
modem access to this account. I recommend that you obtain the client
software for your computer so that files can be retrieved and printed on
your local system. The public gopher account on Ochre does not allow files
to be retrieved or printed. 

If you find errors or omissions to the AAtDB data or have suggestions or
comments about the AAtDB database or the Arabidopsis Gopher server please
send a message to curator at 

The WAIS source information follows below. 

Mike Cherry
cherry at

The source information for the AAtDB WAIS server:

   :version		 3 
   :ip-name              ""
   :ip-address           ""
   :tcp-port             210
   :database-name	 "AAtDB"
   :cost		 0.00 
   :cost-unit		 :free 
   :maintainer		 "curator at"
"WAIS version of the AAtDB database, An Arabidopsis thaliana Database:
	Arabidopsis Green Book by Meyerowitz and Pruitt
	ABRC Ohio State Strains and Clones
	Nottingham Seed Centre Strains
	Primary data for Goodman and Meyerowitz F2 RFLP markers
	Classical genetic marker data from M. Koornneef
	Arabidopsis Colleagues including telephone numbers, postal addresses
	 and email addresses
	Over 2600 bibliographic citations with abstracts, if available
	Genes, Alleles and RFLP loci of Arabidopsis
	REBASE Type II Restriction enzyme database by Richard Roberts
	All GenBank sequences for Arabidopsis, reference text only
	and more

Source information for Arabidopsis-BioSci WAIS server:

   :version  3
   :ip-name              ""
   :ip-address           ""
   :tcp-port             210
   :database-name "Arabidopsis-BioSci"
   :cost 0.00
   :cost-unit :free
   :maintainer "curator at"
   :description "Server created with WAIS release 8 b5 on Aug  2 10:22:31 1992
Index of all messages on the BioSci Arabidopsis Genome Electronic Conference.
This server includes all messages since March of 1991 from the
bionet.genome.arabidopsis usenet newsgroup and the arab-gen at
mailing list.

Link information for the Arabidopsis Research Companion:

Name=Arabidopsis Research Companion, Mass Gen Hospital/Harvard

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