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Thu Dec 17 12:24:04 EST 1992

Here is a repeat of the meeting announcement for the 5th International
Conference on Arabidopsis.  We hope to keep the registration costs low by using 
OSU facilities and applying for outside support.  If you have further 
questions, do not hesitate to contact us.  You should receive the First 
Announcement by mail prior to Feb. 1.

Roger Hangarter  hangarter.1 at
Keith Davis      davis.68 at
Ken Feldmann    feldmann at
Randy Scholl     scholl.1 at (phone 614-292-9371)

                            Meeting Announcement

             The 5th International Conference on Arabidopsis Research

The meeting will be held at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio on
August 19-22, 1993.  

Tentative schedule:

      Thurs, Aug 19 - keynote address at 7:30 pm followed by a
                      reception/poster session. 
      Fri, Aug 20 - Oral research presentations from around 8:00 am
                    to around 5:30.   
                    Friday evening will be for poster viewing.
      Sat, Aug 21 - Oral research presentations from around 8:00 am
                    to around 5:30. 
                    Saturday evening - cookout/hangout/relaxation
      Sun, Aug 22 - Oral research presentations from around 8:00 am
                    to 12:00.  

Meeting organizers: Roger Hangarter (hangarter.1 at
                    Keith Davis (davis.68 at
                    Ken Feldmann (feldmann at
                    Randy Scholl (scholl.1 at

The program will include the following speakers:

Mark Estelle
Kiyotaka Okada
Brian Parks
Joanne Chory
Gloria Coruzzi
John Browse
Jeff Dangle
Alan Slusarenko
Dave Marks
Carolyn Silflow
Linda Castle
Gerd Jurgens
Bob Pruitt
Erwin Heberle-Bors
June Medford
Liam Dolan
Pam Green
Nigel Crawford
Carolyn Dean
Joe Ecker

In addition to these individuals, an additional 20 to 25 speakers will be
chosen from submitted abstracts for 15 min presentations.  Because the
meeting is relatively short and there will not be concurrent sessions, it
will not be possible for everyone to make an oral presentation.  However,
we expect to have ample space to accommodate posters from anyone wishing to
use the poster format.

There has been some interest in having workshops during the afternoon
before the meeting begins on Thursday and after the meeting ends on Sunday.
 We anticipate one workshop to focus on transformation technologies and
another to focus on genome organization and mapping.  You are invited to
participate in the organization of these or any other workshops.  However,
at this time we expect that the workshops will be run independently of the
meeting.  For more information about the workshops, contact Ken Feldmann.

We are preparing a mailing that will provide more details about the
meeting, including a call for abstracts and registration information.  Do
not register at this time, however if your address is not included in the
Arabidopsis Stock Center Mailing List, you should see that it gets included
there (arabidopsis+ at  If for some reason you do not want your
address in the Arabidopsis Stock Center Mailing List but would like to
receive future mailings about the meeting, send your address directly to
Roger Hangarter (hangarter.1 at  We will not monitor the bulletin
board for addresses, so do not reply to the bulletin board for inclusion in
the mailing list.

If you have questions or suggestions regarding the meeting, you may contact
one of the organizers.

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