scolnipa at scolnipa at
Thu Jan 30 13:06:48 EST 1992

We are looking for a Principal Investigator with a Ph. D. in Molecular 
Biology and post-doctoral experience to join the Du Pont Arabidopsis group.  
We are particularly interested in individuals with training and interest 
in the cloning of important plant genes known only by their mutant phenotype.  
Experience with plants, however, is not required.

The Arabidopsis group is part of Du Pont's Central Research and 
Development Department, an organization dedicated to exploratory research
in many disciplines, including Life Sciences.  

Our labs are located at the Du Pont Experimental Station, in Wilmington, 
Delaware.  This is an attractive East Coast location, within driving distance 
of Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore and D.C. 

For more information please contact Tim Caspar (302-695-9092) or Pablo 
Scolnik (302-695-7035).  Fax number for both is 302- 695-8480. 

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