MOre Arabidopsis sequencing

Chris.Somerville 21847CRS at MSU.EDU
Wed Jan 29 12:47:00 EST 1992

 Rob Last noted that it would be useful to place sequenced cDNAs on the map.
We certainly agree that in many cases this will be the only way of gaining
insight into what a cDNA encodes. We think the most efficient way of doing
this will be to hybridize YACs (from the forthcoming set of overlapping YACS)
to the grid of cDNAs.  For this to work, there must no be any homology between
the cDNA cloning vector and the YAC vector.  We currently interpret this to
mean that the cDNA libraries should be in lambda vectors that can be sequenced
by PCR methods.  I would be interested in hearing better ideas. Chris

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